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Southbank BC

Southbank BC

Southbank BC is a small community located on the southern shore of Francois Lake. A vehicle ferry and the long winding roads that follow the shores of the lake work together connecting the communities of Houston, Burns Lake and Southbank. The ferry operates year round and is a vital transportation link to the area.

Francois Lake is the second longest lake in BC, Canada. The lake stretches out over 25, 750 hectares and reaches a depth of over 87 metres (280 feet).  It is 110 kilometres (68 miles) long with many chances to pull over and enjoy beautiful scenic views from the lakeshore and from high above in the surrounding hills.

The two lane road surrounding Francois Lake provides explorers many opportunities to explore further into the lake wilderness starting from any of the recreational campgrounds, boat launches, picnic sites and trailheads located nearby. The wandering road also leads to some beautiful wilderness lodges in the area, some fishing outfitter companies and floatplane flightseeing tours.

All come to Francois Lake to fish for Char, Lingcod, Rainbow Trout, Whitefish and Kokanee.